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Ways to Wake up and Start Dreaming Now

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A Dutch Psychiatrist by the name of Frederik Van Eden is the man behind the term, lucid dreaming. Originally labeled as such in 1913 yet in truth, a much older phenomenon, (both globally and culturally speaking) lucid dreaming is when one is in a state of awareness while physically being sound asleep. Imagine, the freedom to achieve anything and everything without restraints or compromise. Rather,
this post is not based on lucid dreaming but quite the opposite. In essence, it’s how to learn from one’s selective surrounding and doing something to add growth. Dreaming of reality is horrible. Yet, being real about one’s dreams, then taking action is a much better use of one’s time. Here are some

ways To wake up And Dream starting now.

Finding new interests or hobbies is one major way to snap out of it and allow the unconscious to unravel a greater self. According to research conducted by CCSU, Myelin activity, (white matter) is active as you learn a new talent. As the myelin’s density increases so do one’s ability to learn better. The mind eliminates the presence of limitation. One decides what they would enjoy learning, in turn, becoming not only better in said motor skills but the practice of free will and choice too. It creates a sense of gratitude for the newly found activity. The opportunities for gaining new skills are truly endless nowadays. Anything from photography, web development, or sports and recreation. Truly, anything that is progressive and valuable in time and effort.

Switching career paths or implementing various trades may also help one’s advancement in the long run. The opportunity to learn new core skills or the time to develop a new found purpose for what they do is priceless. Look at it this way, one may decide to take a leap of faith into a new venture and discover a niche they click with and profit from. Perhaps the innovation of tomorrow is your job of today, while the idea is in its first stages of creation. Also, having a weekend gig or side job doesn’t hurt either.

Pursuing inner enlightenment or higher order is the greatest form of waking one’s self and dreaming their way to success. An article published in the Harvard Gazette mentions
a team of researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital who studied just so. The results seem to suggest that meditation helps one cope with stress and emotions. With only 30 minutes of one’s time, you are ever closer to self-awareness and higher consciousness.
The constant decrease of activity from the amygdala, (The section that processes memories and emotions) while in meditation is the main reason why. To think higher thoughts; one must lower parts of their own minds too.

To summarize today’s blog entry; waking up to dream takes dreaming and wokeness a to a higher level. An active, (even an inactive one) mind is a greater mind to have. Also, new job, new money, new life, new dreams. To follow Bennie Castle via social media, click on the corresponding website buttons in the footer section below. Or to gain personal insight, answers, question send a message via the contact page.

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