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The Ultimate Calisthenics Guide for Great Results


Many wish to reach their ideal physical goals yet few have the discipline, commitment and drive to push themselves. To be fair, it is not all one’s fault. We have very little time to dedicate towards the body in an era where mind and thumbs rule. So when it comes to workouts with minimal material requirements and maximum physical results, excuses should be few. Read the ultimate calisthenics guide for great results today and learn how to reach your goals for tomorrow and beyond.

handstand push ups

When one starts their path to betterment of the body, it might seem daunting at first. But don’t get hung up, or actually, do, upside down that is. The Handstand Push up is a fundamental movement that works the majority of the upper body. Essentially from one’s biceps, deltoids, back muscles to the pecs and abdomen. Also if the completion of one push up is trivial, simply keeping one’s body upright in the upside down position will suffice.


The squat or the booty shaping exercise is another great calisthenics workout. With just squatting alone, the hamstrings, quads, glutes, the back, and abs become much stronger and able. Not to mention the extra boost of testosterone that the body secretes from the movement. Remember to always keep the back straight when bending down and back up again. Minimal injury plus maximum movement equals great results.

Pull Up & Chin Ups

Pull-ups and chin-ups are the bread and butter of upper body calisthenics. Any gym, pubic pole or a $20 door adjustable bar gets the job done. With the basic pull up alone, the shoulders and some biceps get to work and build from the movement. What works even greater wonders is alternating from the pull up to the chin up though. Since the moving of hand placement puts more emphasis on the biceps during chin ups, expect to gain greater gains by doing so.

As complex as human anatomy is, the movement and mentality to get things done is not. Moreover, the effectiveness of performing calisthenic workouts will definitely surprise folks who think weight lifting is the only way. With one’s body weight and the property of gravity, it is the brain’s job to defy it and go against it. If you enjoy learning about the human body, workouts, diets and lifestyle tips, please subscribe via email on the widget to the right or share the link. Also, be sure to follow Bennie Castle via social media links on the footer of the page

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