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The Practice of Guarding your Happiness

Guarding Your Happiness

Blissfulness, gladness, joy, felicity and beatitude are jus some of the words that describe happiness. With even more ways to say so, the thoughts and actions that produce such feelings are enumerable. Like counting particles of sand or remembering the placement of each star up above. That is exactly why you should be guarding your happiness.

Guarding your Happiness via Diet

To guard your happiness is to purposely avoid unfavorable mishaps and stress cues. Sadly we live in an age where both are as frequent as the breath one takes, (meditation and breathe control will be a future additional topic within itself.) What can one do to find the root cause(s) of one’s misfortune? Since diet is a common problem amongst the vast portion of modern society, tweaking one’s choices helps. Whether from overindulgence due to emotional trauma or negative que responses. Especially undereating that seems to stem from the same faults. Our diet habits play a vital role in how we emote. Even a non-nutritional diet which could teeter between both predicaments.

Food plays a greater role in understanding one’s mood. A study led by Deborah R Wahl from the University of Konstanz Germany gives insight into how a greener and natural diet makes one jolly. Moreover, they suggest healthy foods make us feel better. Not to forget about the consumption of vitamin c playing a key role in the emotional state of one’s being.
Depending on one’s current state of being, a physical before switching up your diet is ideal.

Guarding your Happiness via Social Circle

A form of learning to guard your happiness can be as easy as improving one’s social circle. As a matter of fact, by simply being around people with positive emotions and energy, our shield of jubilance becomes more efficient. Under the supervision of the Department of Psychology at the University of California, a recent study of theirs indicates this to be true. Interestingly enough, they found emissions in the brain of the chemical, oxytocin, present in the presence of great company. In other words, a mood elevator that heightens the the positive note around. Although a no brainer is to keep valuable company over quantitative guests. Keeping the mind chemically in balance and consistently fueling the body properly will do wonders.

To close this blog entry with words that matter, cherish the cheerful and eat, (moderately) with the merry. Above all, a couple of moments spent in self-analysis and implementing useful knowledge that ACTUALLY works will create a happier self. As always, to follow Bennie Castle via social media, click on the corresponding sites in the footer below. If the blog entry was able to connect and assist, please be sure to subscribe or share the link.

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