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Summertime Survival Guide 002: Fun Under the Sun

Summertime Survival Guide

Summer is officially here and the weather seems to agree, (For the most part.) With so much time to enjoy oneself, where should one begin? Many, many places, that’s for sure. To begin with, ANY steps toward self-improvement is worth its effort. Yet, a previous blog entry mentions only 23% of American’s exercise on a regular basis, what’s up with the other 77%? What can one do this Summer to oppose this statement? How can one enjoy themselves, expand their network and lose weight?

Today’s Summertime Survival Guide entry
will cover multiple seasonal activities with science to help conclude one’s judgment.

Let’s begin with a workout we are all familiar with first. For folks who prefer to take their time and enjoy nature in its full unfoldment, a walk is a decent choice. Obviously, one’s speed and distance should be taken into account though. To give a proper estimate, between 100 and 65 calories per mile may be lost during one’s stroll, (with body mass in mind.) Want to stay cooler than cool? Take a plunge into the water. Simming is a great activity for medium to high calorie losing fun!

On average, 400 to 700, (even 1000 if your effort is potent) calories is the amount one may burn in just one hour. What if you can’t swim or have a drowning phobia of some sort? Handball can be just as much of a calorie buster, (with the potential of burning 600 or more each hour.) One should be able to broaden their summertime memories and shorten their waist measuring tape this Summer, with loads of time and even more activities to partake in.

In conclusion, the more we move, (with hydration and the context of what you’re performing in mind,) the more we lose. The human body is built with the signature design of movement in mind. Use it, maintain it as best as one can, (or care for really.) With motivation and a positive outlook, you will be able to achieve your own summer objective. Found this specific Summertime Survival Guide entry helpful? Share the link via social media buttons or follow Bennie Castle via profile page links on the footer section below.

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