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Summertime survival guide 001: Heatstroke and How to Prevent it

Heat Stroke

Summertime is almost here which means warm weather and tons of fun in the great outdoors for everyone. With that being said, the Summertime Survival guide series will feature weekly posts regarding how to stay safe, fit and full all Summer long. Although the season calls for awesome vibes, tribes and hives of specific niche activities, the body, and its limitations are, (or should be) a consideration after and during.

Heat stroke is a major Summer hindrance, with over 600 deaths occurring each year in the US alone.

  What exactly is heatstroke and how can one prevent it? Here’s how.

First one must understand the biological mechanism of self-cooling. As the human body heats up, sweat excretes out from our pores. But when our body temperature increases faster than it can cool, heat exhaustion or heat stroke may occur. What’s the difference between them? Mainly the severity and symptoms will tell one from the other. Heat exhaustion is the minor onset illness which causes dizziness, extreme sweating, and even fatigue. Doesn’t sound that bad? Well, if left untreated it can become heat stroke. And the symptoms are nowhere close to pretty. Vomiting, very fast heart rate, dermatological problems, and even death might occur. Now that one knows how and why it happens the objective is to know how to avoid the illness.

 Naturally, a lack of water prior to extreme physical activity or just a lack of water, in general, may act as triggers. Too much open exposure to the sun, out sweating one’s body can play as a cause as well. Instead, monitor one’s drinking habits and carry water with you, just in case. Simply switching water to your primary drink above other various beverages may improve one’s health with swiftness. Also, don’t forget that water leads to muscle growth and maintenance. Some of the additives and foods we eat come into play as well, such as sugar and sodium. With salt, our body retains water and with sugar, it suffers dehydration. Another big problem is overdressing during hot Summer days. Rather, leisure, light attire, preferably white clothing to repel sunlight and heat can make a great difference in comfortability. Even remembering to take breaks when necessary can keep one safe from the harsh weather.

To Conclude the very first Summertime Survival Guide entry; Stay cool, do less, enjoy the sunshine. With constant self-analysis one may avoid heat stroke and heat exhaustion not only for themselves but for the people around them. Remember, hydration is vital for muscle growth, stamina, weight loss and you guessed it, staying alive. For live updates on following blog entries, subscribe to the newsletter on the box to the left or follow Bennie Castle via the social media buttons on the site’s footer section below.

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