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Sprint Your Way to the ”Perfect” Body

Sprint Your Way to the ''Perfect" Body

One of the most important activities for weight loss and body toning is exercise. Whether one wants to gain mass via lifting or shed fat by performing more cardio; it all boils down to what you do and eat. Surprisingly, the CDC states that only 23 percent of Americans meet the weekly requirement of exercise to stay healthy. That means that less than a quarter of all of America gets little to no exercise. Which in turn leads to more frequent health complications. With that being said, how can one start now and begin to reverse the self-damage caused by ignorance and negligence? Learn how to sprint your way to the ”perfect” body but most importantly, the “perfect” heart.

Where a ton of people seem to fall short is in the theory and actuality of ”jogging” or ”running”. The big mistakes can range from overdressing in hot weather to running extremely slow yet farther distances to lose faster. Stop. What can happen during a long run with the heavy garment on is much worse than not doing anything at all. Wear clothes that are light and fit comfortably. Also, begin to set strength/speed challenges. When one stays at a slow pace, not much is happening anatomically speaking. (except for keeping the cardiovascular system on decent levels,) so push. When the body begins to tear and wear under stress, the body begins to finally burn calories and fat. Not to mention while the most important part takes place as well, decent sleep.

What one should implement into their running sessions is a HIIT regime that works for them. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, meaning, short duration of heavy work and medium to extended breaks to recoup. With running, one can sprint for 10 to 20 seconds and rest/walk/run slower for about another 20 or 30 seconds. What the body begins to do is increase your metabolism, testosterone, and strength in the long run. By boosting your metabolism, losing weight becomes a much easier practice. Also with the quads and lower body pumping testosterone up, gains will come in nicer. Remember that the after burn effect also comes into play. Meaning one begins to lose while they snooze and cruise along their day.

With all that being said, HIIT is sure to not only burn fat but to keep your heart healthy too. We cannot all be sculptures but we can all begin to carve our selves. Cardiovascular health goes by so many people’s heads yet it is such a vital step. So, even if walking or jogging suits you better, at least make the effort to maintain a great heart. If the post seems helpful, click the corresponding share button or subscribe to for live updates.

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