Practice Makes Perfect: The Art of Ultimate Resilience

According to Malcolm Gladwell, (and those who agree with his words), 10,000 hours is the amount of time it takes to perfect your craft. What we all can indefinitely agree on though is that practice will always lead to greater results and ultimately, perfection.

Practice makes perfect or does resilience craft greatness? So many folks are quick to drop a talent, a skill or even worse; a decent career because they lack the skill of withstanding adversity.

A possible way of building ones inner strength, (and outer strength) is to think of the push-up. When the body goes against gravity; that is when you build, not when you rest. Take the time to find something you always wanted to do or complete and run with it. Learn to melt within not the activity but the passion it evokes within oneself. In fact, the only real way to perfect something is to make sure it is a talent you truly enjoy. The blog post is not for the folks who persist with their parents or guardian’s personal wants but THEIR own wants and pursuits, (future blog post will cover this topic, gotcha.) because at the end of the day you live your own life, not the other way around.

Bill Gates did not create the Windows operating system in one sitting and neither will anyone else! A simple procedure to propel the mind in the right direction is allocating an hour or two a day towards perfection. The same 30 minutes we easily waste any other hour on average; whether that be checking emails, texts or social media posts can be put to greater use. Now, chalk all that up with how many times per week, on average. What ends up happening is one is able to visually map out the energy that could have gone elsewhere. In spite of all this, when they want to quit arises, don’t. What one should do is stop, reassess why you feel the way you do and find an easier, more comfortable approach.

The mind is the greatest technology we will ever truly possess so go rest, come back and practice until perfect! When the fuel is not from any outside source but from the true self, nothing and nobody can get in the way of that. If you would like personal assistance, guidance or words of wisdom; click the email link or follow and send a direct message via Twitter on the footer page links.

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