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Meditation Tips to Feel Great, Right Now

Meditation Tips

Before the passing of the great acharya Buddaharakkita, (may his blessed soul rest in peace.)
his English translation of the Dhammapada leaves us with these words of wisdom to ponder upon, “though one may conquer a thousand times a thousand men in battle, yet he indeed is the noblest victor that conquers himself.” When we re-learn the basics of breathing, the practice of breath control and connecting with the all, We are able to flow better.

Here are some meditation tips on how to do so

First, the practice of breath control must be done in an up-right position. One’s focus should be on keeping a proper posture while breathing at a steady, (or slow depending on time and depth of meditation) pace. To be precise, the action of inhaling shoud last about 5 to 10 seconds. Then, maintain the breath in your core for double the amount of time. Finally, one should exhale for 2-5 seconds. Take the time to enjoy breathing, take the time to enjoy meditation. If you cannot focus, imagine the breath as energy, traveling and providing your body with the essentials of life. Also, a countdown from 500 to 1 may also help you to wind down, becoming completely engulfed in ones practice.

Why should one even meditate? What is the reason for re-learning how to, “breathe” when it’s already a natural reflect? A study in 1996 led by Zamarra JW suggests that not only does it help with the heart but it helps our endurance and workload, (for those who exercise regularly) making our blood vessels more efficient mentally and physically. Along with a much more recent study from 2010 which points out that meditating increases grey matter density, making us more accessible to learning at a greater pace, controlling our emotions, (Blood pressure) and being more conscious about one’s self and one’s purpose.

Ultimately, the benefits of meditation far outweigh the benefits of nonmeditation. One decides how their time is spent and on what it’s spent on. To demonstrate, nearly 50% Americans suffer from cardiovascular diseases but only 8% meditate. With this being said, mindfulness should be on more minds. To follow Bennie Castle via social networks, click on the corresponding sites below. If the article resonated with one’s view of things, please be kind as to share the link.

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