Meditate to Medicate: The Most High

Opioid dependency is a global problem. The amount of people that will count as dead by the end of today, is roughly 175. For such an advanced, modern society; the social consciousness is extremely slothful. Where our focus should be, never is and what needn’t is given more than enough. The change of culture is a dire change very much needed by not only the people dependent on these drugs but those who have no choice but to depend on the ones who use them. Although marijuana gets a bad name over political and economic advantages; it’s much safer and enjoyable in the long run. But there’s more! Meditation is the greatest activity anybody¬†can incorporate into their lives. Why does meditation hold value? Well, for starters it can magnify one’s sense of peace and bring harmony within ones body, mind, and soul.

The mind needs a goal set and known. First, ask self, what does one truly require? Then, settle the body either back flat on the floor, facing the ceiling or with both legs in a cross position, back Alined and meditate. Set in the proper position and let breath travel freely and effortlessly as possible. Keep attention on the middle of the mind and on reaching a higher vision. Breathe and push down with your thumb on the middle of the mind. Make the spot a destination of free flow energy. Breathe in through the nasal path half the time one exhales and hold the breath twice as long. To be clear, 5 seconds of breathing, 20 seconds of holding it in and 10 seconds exhaling outwards. Also, the body should be alcohol-free, no pills; the main drinks should be water and caffeine. Sobriety is key.

Why should one be so concerned with what they consume and their methods of attaining most high? A Better question is, “why not?” When the mental state towards greatness is your true will, the want of spirits and alcoholic beverages become non-existent. When the mentality of achieving greatness IS the will, the soul is able to complete any and everything it needs in due time. Even more so, we become more helpful, more of use to not only ourselves but to the global society. Keep note of progress. Be glad when results are met. Also remember to learn, apply, remember. If one requires more personal insight or would like to share their story, click on the links in the footer; either an email or a direct message via Twitter

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