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How to Think on Canvas

How to Think on Canvas

The painter starts with one stroke of his brush, directly on to the canvas. His creativity starts from a mere line or two into a work of beauty. What’s funny about the process is that it never changes yet the results from it are never completely alike. As the painter makes grander pieces and imagines various subjects, his execution gets better. The limit of great ideas one can juggle on their minds at any given time is a pity. Although the unlimited amounts of writing those very thoughts may lead to, are not. In fact, if the act of, ”thinking on canvas” becomes a daily habit, one is more inclined to reach personal goals and success The following post is a way to learning,

how to think on canvas

Begin with the ”blank canvas” and, ”sketch, write, jot” the skeleton of the work or goal. Break down the steps and add detail to the parts that require such. Go step by step as you implement the necessary tweaks and perform each task. A study by researchers from Indiana University suggests that simply writing down performance approach goals will result in the completion of said task. Another study by Gail Mattews of Dominican University provides significant evidence in association writing down goals, hopes and then sharing the following with a peer leads to achievement.

Basically, conceptual learning, (as opposed to factual learning which is based on dates, places, numbers, anything that can be statistically measured) is reinforced when someone writes things down. The part of the brain that is the reason for self-thought and self-made ideas branches out at a much rapid rate when the learned student writes. Incidentally, the act of conveying messages from the mind on to paper is a whole other art form within itself.

How may I reach my artistic potential? In what manner must one think to advance in their field of artistic expression. Although our paths vary, the rudimentary steps are usually the same. A clear written picture is greater than a foggy concept, remember this at least. Follow Bennie Castle via Twitter or Instagram on the corresponding websites in the footer section below. Also, a subscription to the site’s newsletter guarantees that one will receive notifications about posts or updates to come.

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