How to Cultivate Self Love and Become Greater

The number of people suffering from depression in the United States is staggering. About 15 million folks suffer from it and quite possibly more deal with the ill effects of depression. Much of what causes one to feel down is something one self-inflicts. Either knowingly or not; making things even worse in the long run.

Self-love and self-confidence are crucial tools to develop and apply on a daily basis.

How does one learn to grow self-love? Why is it necessary to amplify it as well? Today’s blog post will deal with answering those questions for oneself.

The first step towards progress is finding the things that are causing you to feel worn down. Does your daily diet need tuning? Have you gotten enough movement in the course of a day? Maybe it’s the people you surround yourself with? Take note, (literally, write each corresponding trigger down) within two lists; What can one change and what can one not change? Again once one finishes with the list, begin to narrow them down. The things that can be has to be taken into account. Even to the point of breaking down steps, one by one, in order to elevate themselves. The list of things you cannot change should be read, over and over and over again with a smile. These are things one does not have to worry about; these are building exercises for the soul, sort to speak. An example; Say you feel down due to the group of friends you associate with. That’s changeable. the non-changeable example would be unpleasant events from the past or physical attributes with no reversals.

The realization of why one should feel great about themselves is a much-needed event. Not everything is one’s fault. Not everything can be under one’s control. What can be, should be. What can’t, doesn’t need to be. When one acknowledges these factors; one can begin to not only elevate themselves but many others who may need the ‘boost’. And when this happens, then progression is inevitable; on a greater scale of things. To read more or to gain personal advice, feel free to send an email or message via Twitter by clicking the links on the footer below.

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