Great Works: The Craft Behind a Magnum Opus

What makes a body of work a masterpiece, exactly? Does a name hold more weight as opposed to talent, skill, dedication? Or is notoriety a better commodity? A better question is how can one make the best of what one has and where can growth take place? Well before the idea of the internet was a spark of a lightning bolt, the power of art is evident. Artists of every era, civilization, creed, race, nationality, and country hold one thing in common.  The desire to make great works. More, creative ideas that provide ingenuity to a given audience. Arguably, one’s drive is the grandest source of inspiration to draw from.

Art creates a shift from itself, provides social mobility in a mental aspect and helps prosperity reign over barbarism. Mythological storytelling, math, drawing, architecture, engineering, dance, and even politics makes the society as a whole. The pursuit of greatness allows one to find new ways of doing things, of thinking. Of fulfilling their expression of life, in its current perception, in it’s slot of history.

 As a maker, a thinker who pens his clouds down rather, what do I want to get done with my time and why is it important that I do so in the manner of my choosing? The apparatus of mind and craft must be unique and effective in order to execute greatness. Your vision has to see beyond the veil and then some. with that being said, hopefully, the blog post sheds light on how you will go about making things or even how you view life and all its works. Subscribe to the newsletter by entering your email on the box to your right or follow my personal Twitter account

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