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Ways to Effectively Prevent and Combat Diabetes


With all of our modern successes and advancements, we still fail in the ability to fully cure diabetes. In the United States alone, almost

10% of the population suffers from diabetes and a quarter of those folks go by undiagnosed, slowly becoming affected by it.

“So? Why should I care about my insulin levels? What’s the big deal?” Well, for starters, the deteriorating effects from having the disease should suffice as enough evidence. For example, Possible limb amputations, blood vessel complications, blindness, and kidney failure may all arise in one patient. Luckily it’s not that hard to learn how to avoid or limit the long term and short term damage. What today’s post will focus on are ways to effectively prevent and combat diabetes in a progressive manner, here’s how.

A simple change in one’s diet will definitely help yet there is much more that can be done. As seen in one study conducted by the Zhongshan People‚Äôs Hospital in Guangdong, China stating that garlic may help with glucose regulation. Not only does it start to work in 1 to 2 weeks but garlic also helps with one’s cholesterol and lipoprotein levels too.

What a couple of seconds of a burning sensation and bad breath can do for one’s life is worth the additional years.

Moreover, a quick implementation of garlic into your everyday meals may spice up one’s kitchen at the same time. Also, garlic extract in capsule form is readily available at most pharmacies.

We are going to revisit the oldest and greatest of medicines that mankind possess, Meditation. Just the act of mindfully being in union with the all improve wellness. Another study by the Department of Physiology of The Government Medical College in Banda, Uttar Pradesh of India seems to suggest so. What the following researchers hint at is the regulation of one’s glucose levels via meditating daily for at least an hour. Also, insulin resistance and the reduction of plasma cortisol (glycemic level regulator) from the stress-reducing effects of meditation helps. The beauty of it all is the simplicity and financial efficiency of meditation, proving it to be a great activity.

Ultimately, a complete cure for diabetes is nonexistent, for now. Yet, the small steps to reverse and correct damage are readily available in various forms. We may not be able to stop the disease but we can start putting the right foods into the body. If this post was enjoyable please share via social media or subscribe to our newsletter for updates, info and more. Also, follow Bennie Castle via social media links found on the website’s footer section.

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