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Dietary Plans that Easily Work to Meet Your Goals

Dietary Plans

What we eat determines much of how we feel, look and behave. From a scientific perspective, think of the body as a vehicle. Naturally, the foods and supplements one ingests would be the fuel to maintain oneself. Also, which tier of gas is completely up to one’s personal choice. Although, the results are the same for all, biologically speaking. Calories, sugars, carbs, and proteins have no biases, only effects. Not only that but it gets worse as we age and the body begins to slow down. In actuality, the average elderly American consumes far less protein than the recommended amount. Which is still lower than what it should be.

Prior RDA percentages, (Recommended Daily Value) place protein intake at .36 grams per pound (50-55 grams for the average sedentary male, 46 grams for the average sedentary female.) While more recent studies suggest .8 grams (55-65 grams for the average male, 50-55 grams for the average female) or even 1 gram per pound for those who want to gain mass/achieve muscle retention.) Once more, protein is an appetite suppressant meaning you feel fuller, quicker. What is indefinitely true about getting into better shape is that one’s diet must be proper. Here are some dietary plans to keep your “engine” running as smooth as possible during our trip called life.

Semi-Paleolithic Diet

Well before man invented the television, electricity and the wheel; we would hunt our food and gather whatever nature can provide. This is why the appendix is still in our body. After years of evolution from eating raw meats, semi-toxic berries, fruits, and nuts til now, man still needs food. What is evident is the modern diet of man is treading a line between unhealthy and the most healthy in the history of humankind. There are large numbers of Americans who suffer from diabetes, blood pressure and other illnesses due to their own diet. Constantly eating high amounts of bread, flours, refined sugars, and empty caloric intake no exercise can lead to health conditions. Another problem is it leaves one with low-level energy, all the time.

A simple switch though will do wonders. Also, take note of how many calories one eats and to keep the carb count low. Say, instead of Italian bread or sliced bread, make bread out of almond mix or find almond bread at your local grocery. Focus your diet on mainly fish, lean meats, legumes, (Heavily recommended) vegetables too. Taking out the majority of drinks including, sodas, juices with added sugars, even sugar in your daily coffee can help. If one finds it impossible to dodge their cravings a cheat day a week should suffice. Well before a heavy work out or for bulking purposes, a day after.

Semi-Vegan Diet

A much cleaner alternative would be a diet that completely eliminates red meat products for the most part. Regular intake can lead to blood pressure issues. Considering that legumes, certain vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower provide just as much protein as any other animal products alone, it’s worth the switch. Not to mention nuts, seeds, organic honey as sweetener, protein powders, (green pea for die-hard vegans) as reasonable alternatives. In actuality, the inclusion of more protein into one’s diet can boost metabolism. As mentioned in the previous diet plan, a cheat day wouldn’t hurt unless it becomes a habit. Particularly before a heavy work out.


To end the blog entry with words of encouragement, the possible combinations of new foods are abundant. You just gotta look around and re-learn not what but why and when is the food you’re eating. If the blog post was helpful and insightful, be sure to share via social media buttons below or the link above. To stay up to date with blog posts, sign up to the newsletter and receive notifications, instantly or follow Bennie Castle via social media pages on the footer below.

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