Critics and Naysayers: the Best Teachers in Life

take the time to think back and recollect the amounts of criticism you’ve gotten in one’s lifetime. Whether it is about your weight, intelligence, skills, job or craft. Essentially, one is accustom to think of themselves from a first-person perspective. Without the realization of exactly what another person might actually see or think about the self. Without an honest second opinion, we sometimes fault not only our selves but our works and potential. How many times have you gotten advice and later on regretted not listening to what was being said?

With this in mind, those moments of words from critics are in fact the greatest thing to ever happen to you.

Now, this does not mean that every single critic is correct in how they decide to judge the other. It is the context of what they imply with their words.

Learn to differentiate the hater from a possible teacher in disguise. For example, say someone comes from a background of folks who do not exercise or really take heed in their physical health. Then, suppose a stranger comes along and comments on their weight or on the food that is on their plate while on a night out. Maybe even mentioning healthier alternatives and workout courses that bring actual results. What critics, or teachers, provide with their personal remarks are glimpses into the window of another person’s view of things.

Yes, it is not always fair but being dishonest with oneself can lead to even bigger problems. Diabetes, heart attacks, you name it. Alternatively, try learning how to really listen to what someone says about oneself. Then, learn how to improve in the area under question. With the ability to listen then apply after makes one’s life easier and increases one’s satisfaction, tenfold. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, follow the Twitter or send an email via social buttons below for individually set advice

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