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Critics and Naysayers: the Best Teachers in Life

take the time to think back and recollect the amounts of criticism you’ve gotten in one’s lifetime. Whether it is about your weight, intelligence, skills, job or craft. Essentially, one is accustom to think of themselves from a first-person perspective. Without the realization of exactly what another person might actually see or think about the […]

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time is the greatest teacher of all time

Time is the Greatest Teacher of all Time

Merriam Webster’s dictionary has over 20 definitions for the word time. Throughout the course of human history, deities and certain gods have been the landmark beings of time itself. Most notably in polytheistic but also in monotheistic religions does the concept of time play a pivotal role. Namely the followers of the Kabbalah who perceive it as […]

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Strengthen Your Unique Will Power

Strengthen Your Unique Will Power, Become a Greater You

The ability to reach into your untapped potential is a skill you can learn to cherish for the rest of your life. Furthermore, the ability to withstand the hardships one must purposely put themselves through in order to acquire such is even greater. In order to learn how to do this, you have to accept […]

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Inner focus

Inner Focus Gains the Right Outer Results you Actually Want

Instant gratification is probably the most relatable bad habit of our modern world. From the numerous amounts of products that provide us with entertainment, to convenience stores with almost any type of food one could think of, available 24/7. The vast amounts of outside triggers that influence our daily choices tend to make inner focus […]

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Great Works

Great Works: The Craft Behind a Magnum Opus

What makes a body of work a masterpiece, exactly? Does a name hold more weight as opposed to talent, skill, dedication? Or is notoriety a better commodity? A better question is how can one make the best of what one has and where can growth take place? Well before the idea of the internet was […]

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