• Name

    Bennie Castle
  • Title

    UX Designer/Designer/Artist/Fitness and Energy Mediator
  • Phone

    347 773 3172
  • Email

    [email protected]
  • Date of birth

    27th March 1993
  • Age

    25 Years Old
  • Residence

  • Freelance Work

    Available (1-3 month long projects)
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Benniecastle.com is the curation of Bennie Castle himself. A home for posts about understanding the self and a self-journey towards being greater with each passing day. The site provides words of wisdom with scientific studies to support the claims and results in each word and action. benniecastle.com is the idea of, “learn then apply” and the neverending build that one strives for. Whether that be the mind, soul, and or body. Not only is this build done for the self, by the self but for the global well being between nature and mankind. Weekly posts on various subjects and thoughts pertaining to the betterment and the growth from within, without, as is.